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Key: OX-354
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Won't Fix
Priority: Major Major
Assignee: Lukasz Wikierski
Reporter: AJ Tarachanowicz
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OpenX Ad Server

Unlinking banner from zone causes ad_zone_assoc to become corrupt

Created: 11/Dec/07 07:11 AM   Updated: 01/Sep/08 09:34 AM
Component/s: OXP: Data Abstraction Layer
Affects Version/s: OAP 2.4.0, OpenX 2.4.5
Fix Version/s: Milestone 15, OpenX 2.4.6, Milestone 19
Security Level: Public (All users can see these issues)

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The table has been reported to crash when using 2.4.5.
"it happens on various actions - unlinking banner from zone, creating new banner & linking it to a zone etc."
MySQL 5.0.22, MyISAM tables


Original ticket located at https://developer.openads.org/ticket/1024

I have seen 2 reports about unlinking a banner from a zone causing the table ad_zone_assoc to become corrupt.

Some errors reported: Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::fetchAll() in /home/mysite/public_html/specials/lib/OA/Dal/Maintenance/Priority.php on line 929

_doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: DELETE FROM phpads_ad_zone_assoc USING phpads_ad_zone_assoc WHERE phpads_ad_zone_assoc.zone_id = 25 AND phpads_ad_zone_assoc.ad_id = 701] [Native code: 126] [Native message: Incorrect key file for table './mauinet_ads/phpads_ad_zone_assoc.MYI'; try to repair it]

MySQL 5.0.27 and MySQL 5.0.22 are reported versions. It is stated that the user repairs the table, yet as soon as they attempt to use the 'unlink' feature again, it becomes corrupted instantly. Repair, repeat.

2 forum posts: http://forum.openads.org/index.php?showtopic=503414969 http://forum.openads.org/index.php?showtopic=503414980

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Sue Houghton - 29/Feb/08 04:27 PM
closed in 2.4.5-rc1

Arlen Coupland - 10/Mar/08 12:26 PM
Can this ticket please be made Public

Chris Nutting - 24/Apr/08 11:19 AM
Reopening this ticket at Arlen's request due to reports of this still happening in 2.4.5

Forum threads:

Chris Nutting - 24/Apr/08 11:21 AM
Changed fix version and affects version to reflect that this still happens in 2.4.5

Note: I'm not sure if this affects 2.5+ users...

Arlen Coupland - 01/May/08 12:44 PM

Lukasz Wikierski - 05/May/08 03:05 PM
This is a MySQL engine problem (or was because ticket is closed and newest version of mysql shouln't have this problem):

" DELETE FROM table causes 'Incorrect key file for table'
Deletes on a big index could crash the index when it needs to shrink the index.
can happen on

    • when a key must be deleted (as it changed
      and must be inserted at another place)
    • when a key must be "un-inserted" for a duplicate in a
      later index or if the new record is longer than the
      old one and would exceed the data file size limit
    • when a key must be "un-inserted" for a duplicate in a
      later index or the record would exceed the data
      file size limit
  • REPAIR TABLE (!!!)
    • when a duplicate key is found
  • myisamchk
    • when sorting the records by an index"

Anyway I tested intensively and:

  • all functions adding/deleting/linking/unlinking banners/zones/advertisers/websites working properly (add or remove correct rows in tables in database)
  • tested with quite a lot data (~4100 rows in ad_zone_assoc table) and cannot reproduce this bug working on MySQL 5.0.51a

Lukasz Dybcio - 12/May/08 02:48 PM
Dr Wookie will open new issue with a request for documentation update.

Chris Nutting - 30/Jun/08 09:09 AM
Reopening to make this ticket public

Chris Nutting - 30/Jun/08 09:10 AM

Matevz Sernc - 01/Sep/08 09:28 AM

i also just ran into this issue on a debian etch amd64 server with the shipped MySQL Version 5.0.32-7etch5_amd64 (and 5.0.32-7etch6_amd64).

I have then upgraded to MySQL 5.0.67 from dotdeb.org,
repaired the ad_zone_assoc table and the problem did not appear again.


Matevz Sernc - 01/Sep/08 09:34 AM
sorry, forget to add that i am running OpenX 2.4.6 on Apache 2.2.3