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Key: OX-4670
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Blocker Blocker
Assignee: Chris Nutting
Reporter: Arlen Coupland
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Watchers: 1

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OpenX Ad Server

AdSense click tracking no longer works - the click URL has changed

Created: 16/Dec/08 12:50 PM   Updated: 01/Apr/09 11:13 AM
Component/s: OXP: Delivery Engine
Affects Version/s: OpenX 2.4.9, OpenX 2.6.3, OpenX 2.7.27-beta
Fix Version/s: OpenX 2.7.28-beta, Milestone 26, OpenX 2.6.5
Security Level: Public (All users can see these issues)

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The clickthrough URL of AdSense has changed to be:

Click tracking no longer works because it is looking for googlesyndication in the URL

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Chris Nutting - 16/Dec/08 12:59 PM
From #irc:

(06:29:22 PM) [raymond]: Humph, we've lost nearly all click tracking with out Google Ads over the last week or so.
(06:29:34 PM) ChrisNutting: In OpenX?
(06:29:40 PM) [raymond]: Yes
(06:35:56 PM) ChrisNutting: [raymond]: Did you change anything in your OpenX setup?
(06:36:10 PM) ChrisNutting: (or do you think google may have changed something...)
(06:37:24 PM) [raymond]: ChrisNutting: The every famous "We've changed nothing!" which in this case is true. But Google has made changes.
(06:37:34 PM) ChrisNutting: Hmmm
(06:37:57 PM) [raymond]: ChrisNutting: Trying to sort that out now, ( along with some other OpenAds issues )
(06:38:22 PM) held: google ads sucks lately anyway... the cpc dropped to an all time low for us.
(06:38:38 PM) ChrisNutting: Hmmm
(06:38:44 PM) ChrisNutting: good to know
(06:39:02 PM) ChrisNutting: (in the last week perhaps???)
(06:39:06 PM) [raymond]: held: We've done well with Google, our best performer to dat.
(06:39:10 PM) held: i wonder if they started to invalidate clicks through openx?
(06:39:13 PM) [raymond]: s/dat/date/
(06:39:25 PM) held: we did as well, until mid november or so
(06:40:25 PM) [raymond]: held: Humm... Dec 4th is when we really noticed a drop off. And Google seems to be less ads.google and more ads.doubleclick
(06:40:50 PM) ChrisNutting: ahhhhh
(06:40:53 PM) ChrisNutting: hmmm
(06:41:01 PM) [raymond]: held: We're not overly seasonal here, so... Not sure what the issue is.
(06:41:17 PM) ChrisNutting: maybe our ad-tracker needs to be updated to parse for ad*doubleclick*
(06:41:41 PM) ChrisNutting: (currently is scans for googlesyndication.com in the click/iframe and tracks those only)
(06:42:24 PM) [raymond]: ChrisNutting: Humm... is this a OpenX change or something we as the end users can change?
(06:42:50 PM) ChrisNutting: No, it would be a code-change in the google clicktracking plugin
(06:43:10 PM) ChrisNutting: (in OpenX)
(06:43:19 PM) ChrisNutting: (Potentially patchable)
(06:45:57 PM) [raymond]: ChrisNutting: Humph. I'm just a DBA, but I'm slowly learning about OpenX/Ads and general ad serving.
(06:46:27 PM) held: i'm only seeing googlesyndication.com, but maybe that is country related
(06:47:32 PM) ChrisNutting: [raymond]: Have you tried running a test click
(06:47:41 PM) ChrisNutting: and interrogating the data_raw_ad_click table...
(06:48:08 PM) ChrisNutting: (and HTTP headers watching for calls to yourdomain.php/openx/www/delivery/ck.php)
(06:49:14 PM) ***[raymond] blinks
(06:49:18 PM) held: have you logged into google.com/adsense to check if google still measures the clicks?
(06:49:41 PM) [raymond]: held: We don't use AdSense.
(06:49:54 PM) held: well obviously you do, if you have google ads?

Chris Nutting - 16/Dec/08 05:23 PM
Also worth noting that: The URL has not changed, but they've started serving ads from both googlesyndication.com AND ads.doubleclick.com

John Linden - 16/Dec/08 10:51 PM

This is a pretty huge issue for our users. What does the fix look like? How could we get this out there quickly?


Chris Nutting - 17/Dec/08 02:25 PM
The patch is very simple (putting it inline here for people to patch manually since fisheye is misbehaving at the moment):
Index: lib/max/Delivery/google.php
--- lib/max/Delivery/google.php	(revision 29884)
+++ lib/max/Delivery/google.php	(working copy)
@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@
     // Supported networks
     $from[] = "@@OA_DOMAINS_PREG@@";
-    $to[]   = "googlesyndication\.com|ypn-js\.overture\.com";
+    $to[]   = "googlesyndication\.com|ypn-js\.overture\.com|googleads\.g\.doubleclick\.net";
     $ag = str_replace($from, $to, $ag);

Grig Gheorghiu - 18/Dec/08 09:46 PM
I changed the google.php file manually on d0N.la (N=1,2,3,4) and d0M.ny (M=1,2,3) and restarted Apache. We tested this initially on d01,la and it worked (Mike Lum did the testing).


Paul Durack - 20/Mar/09 01:32 AM
Just wondering if other users are reporting problems with Adsense tracking? Tracking within OpenX2.6.4 is not reporting any clicks since: 16-17th March 2009.. Although the Adsense console does..

Paul Durack - 26/Mar/09 09:20 AM
It seems like this issue has not been resolved as specified above..


It also seems like this issue is pervasive, and linked to many open (and closed) tickets:

Can we get some more info from the dev team as to how this bug (click tracking of adsense ads) is being dealt with? Is it likely a browser specific issue, as raised in the forum post above (http://forum.openx.org/index.php?s=&showtopic=503424114&view=findpost&p=85826), or what??

crc5002 - 26/Mar/09 01:36 PM

I looked again in the 'ox_data_raw_ad_click' table.

All clicks are coming from Opera 9.24 and Opera 9.50 .

It looks like IE and firefox clicks are not tracked.

Or there might be another explanation that I can't think of?

Arlen Coupland - 30/Mar/09 01:47 PM - edited
Issue has been reported to not be fixed in certain browsers :

Recent posts indicate that Opera and IE8 are fine, but others do not register clicks

It might be that reports on the forum and this ticket are similar to ticket OX-4946
In that ticket, it appeared the issue is more often Flash and "banners which click into a new window" type banners are being delivered by AdSense, which are not trackable by OpenX

Matteo Beccati - 30/Mar/09 02:39 PM - edited
Resolving again. If something new happens, please reopen OX-4946.

Paul Durack - 31/Mar/09 09:29 PM
It appears to me that click tracking is not working for their standard text (not flash) based ads..

The URL being used here is "http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=.." and it's not using target="_blank" (opening in a new window) either..

Pawel Dachterski - 01/Apr/09 11:13 AM
closing this one (actually as duplicate) and reopening OX-4946