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Key: OX-5508
Type: Bug Bug
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Critical Critical
Assignee: matthieu.aubry
Reporter: Matteo Beccati
Votes: 1
Watchers: 1

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OpenX Ad Server

Companion positioning prevents other campaigns from being delivered

Created: 09/Jun/09 01:17 PM   Updated: 01/Oct/09 10:43 AM
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: OpenX 2.8.1
Fix Version/s: OpenX 2.8.2
Security Level: Public (All users can see these issues)

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File Attachments: 1. Text File companion.patch (1 kb)

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Once an ad from a companion campaign is served no other ads can be served on the page apart from ones form the same campaign. In theory if delivery can't find any companion ad it should try to serve other banners.

More input from product is required to define what should be the behaviour.

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Matteo Beccati - 09/Jun/09 01:20 PM
I've attached a simple patch that changes the behaviour. However any exclusive campaigns are always served regardless of the availablility of companion ads (other exclusive or not).

Chris Nutting - 09/Jun/09 02:26 PM
When I originally wrote the companion positioning feature, the rule was "If a companion ad had already served on the page, try to fill subsequent slots on the page from that campaign, but if no suitable ad exists in that campaign, you can use any other banner which is not in a companion campaign

(Exclusive ads get first dibs, regardless of companion IMHO)

Matteo Beccati - 09/Jun/09 03:31 PM
Too bad is not working as advertised

Good news is that I have a fully working patch that efficiently rewrites the way companion ads are picked or discarded.

For now companions are always higher priority than anything else, but it can eventually change. Plus all the campaign types can now be successfully use companion positioning.

Also, the behaviour you described that doesn't match what I've seen in the code. As far as I can tell on the second call we were expecting to exclude any other companion campaigns that was also matching the first call, not all the companion campaigns. E.g.

  • Companion campaign C1 has Leaderboard, Skyscraper
  • Companion campaign C2 has Leaderboard and Square
  • Companion campaign C3 has Regular and Square
  • Zone Z1 is Leaderboard
  • Zone Z2 is Skyscraper
  • Zone Z3 is Square

Scenario 1:
Z1 serves C1
Z2 serves C1 as matching
Z3 serves C3 as C2 was competing in Z1

Scenario 2:
Z1 serves C2
Z2 serves a blank as C1 was compating in Z1
Z3 serves C2 as matching

However here's a test case that doesn't make much sense:

  • Companion campaign C1 has Leaderboard and Skyscraper
  • Companion campaign C2 has Leaderboard and Square
  • Companion campaign C3 has Skyscraper and Square
  • Zone Z1 is Leaderboard
  • Zone Z2 is Skyscraper
  • Zone Z3 is Square

Scenario 1:
Z1 serves C1
Z2 serves C1 as matching
Z3 serves a blank as both C2 and C3 were competing with C1 either in Z1 or Z2

Scenario 2:
Z1 serves C2
Z2 serves C3 as C1 was competing with C2 on Z1
Z3 serves a blank as C3 was competing with C1 in Z1 and the opposite in Z2

Of course this is a corner case, but still food for thought.

Stephan Cunningham - 09/Jun/09 05:42 PM
If the user only has companion campaigns set up but, there is no way for just companions to fill the ad tags on their page, I think serving a blank may be the correct behavior.

Ideally we could log this if it occurs and the user would be able to create a new campaign to fill the zones that appear w/o companion matches.

Matt Plummer - 26/Aug/09 10:19 PM
I thought we fixed this in 2.8.2 already. Matteo, can you confirm?

Matt Plummer - 10/Sep/09 05:03 AM
I really want this fixed in 2.8.2.

BMN - 16/Sep/09 04:54 PM
The supplied patch is not working here. Ads after the companion-ad are always empty.

My solution was to uncomment the following part in the invocation code:
//if (document.context) document.write ("&context=" + escape(document.context));

Does anyone know which other side effects uncommenting this has?

Arlen Coupland - 21/Sep/09 03:03 PM
BMN - commenting out that part will result in companion ads not working, as well as 'block=1' and 'blockcampaign=1' features not working ('do not show a banner twice on a page' and 'do not show a campaign twice on a page')

Joanna Mazgaj - 01/Oct/09 10:43 AM
Verified that zones following displayed companion banners deliver banners from regular campaigns if not linked to companion campaign. Closing.