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All Projects : OpenX Ad Server : OXP: Email System (Component)

Lead: andrew.hill

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Open Issues

14 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   New Feature OX-3429 UNRESOLVED SMTP Capability missing Blocker Needs Verification
   Bug OX-5939 UNRESOLVED SQL Injection on 2.8.4 Blocker Needs Verification
   Bug OX-1001 UNRESOLVED Emails not recieved by Google when \r \n newlines used Critical Verified
   New Feature OX-2821 UNRESOLVED Include dead campaigns expired the day before the midnight task is run Major Open
   Improvement OX-3526 UNRESOLVED Email preferences settings for Managers and Administrators to get campaign activation/deactivation and delivery report emails Major Needs Verification
   Bug OX-3644 UNRESOLVED Email form validation Major Verified
   Improvement OX-4482 UNRESOLVED Emails to advertisers always on English. Major Verified
   Bug OX-5315 UNRESOLVED OpenX code in lib/OA/Email.php separates its additional email headers in $headersParam using \r\n. Major Verified
   Improvement OX-4332 UNRESOLVED Possibility to disable the OpenX link from being sent with email reports. Major Verified
   New Feature OX-4426 UNRESOLVED Standardizing all of the email footers OpenX sends Minor Needs Verification
   Improvement OX-5880 UNRESOLVED The Return Path is not set in emails sent as reports and defaults to the user the webserver runs with. Minor Needs Verification
   Bug OX-4469 UNRESOLVED Add conversions and clicks warnings as preferences on "Campaign email Report Preferences" Minor Verified
   Bug OX-3312 UNRESOLVED Links in emails sometimes are without http:// Minor Verified
   Improvement OX-1373 UNRESOLVED New "Don't send campiagn reports if no activity" "permission" Minor Verified
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Open Issues

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