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All Projects : OpenX Ad Server : OpenX 2.7.30-beta (Fix For Version)

Release Date: 20/Mar/09
OpenX 2.7.30-beta 2009-03-20T00-00

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 48 of 48 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug OX-4924 FIXED Problems with plugins upgrade during OpenX upgrade from 2.7.29-beta-rc3 to 2.7.30-beta-rc3 Blocker Closed
   Bug OX-4971 FIXED Syntax error occurs during upgrade on postgresql Blocker Closed
   Bug OX-4981 INVALID Maintenance script doesn't work after upgrade from 2.7.25 Blocker Closed
   Bug OX-4754 FIXED Addition of a new zone causes past ZIF data for other zones to be discarded under InnoDB Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5027 FIXED Bundled plugins are not auto-upgraded during openX upgrade Critical Closed
   Bug OX-4902 FIXED Cannot complete sign up for OpenX market, dies with PHP fatal error Critical Closed
   Bug OX-4979 FIXED Direct Selection functionality is not available Critical Closed
   Bug OX-3736 FIXED OpenX 2.6 Can't Link External (Image) Banners to Email Zones Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5139 FIXED Redirect Loop occurs when accessing dashboard as admin Critical Closed
   Bug OX-4855 FIXED SQL being executed for MySQL database lock is broken and incorrect Critical Closed
   Bug OX-4866 FIXED Search doesn't work. Fatal error on the screen Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5098 FIXED openXDeliveryLimitations plugins is not upgraded when upgrading from 2.7.25-beta to 2.7.30-beta-rc12 Critical Closed
   Bug OX-4224 FIXED "Move to"/"Apply limitation to" links on Action menu distort UI under IE6 Major Closed
   Bug OX-4911 FIXED Aggregate Bucket Pruning Processing Strategy MySQL & PgSQL implementations use Raw date/time field format for optional start date Major Closed
   Bug OX-4323 FIXED Backup GIF for external SWF's is an UPLOAD field not an external field Major Closed
   Bug OX-5001 FIXED Campaign weight field is available for eCPM campaigns Major Closed
   Bug OX-5016 FIXED Clicking on "User Access" as admin to access to an agency account triggers the account switcher Major Closed
   Bug OX-5005 FIXED Clicking on manager in Inventory/Account Management (as admin) switches account to that manager and results in "menu entry not found" error Major Closed
   Bug OX-4980 FIXED Compression error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) during Export All Plugins Major Closed
   New Feature OX-4842 FIXED Create an XML delivery script Major Closed
   Bug OX-4767 FIXED Database banner-cache not correctly upgraded. Major Closed
   Bug OX-4780 FIXED Deleting a banner removes the banner stats from the UI, but the UI does not warn this will happen Major Closed
   Bug OX-4922 FIXED Hourly summarised data stored at OI level when OI < 60 Major Closed
   Bug OX-4944 FIXED Iframe invocation code without width and height for the iframe. Major Closed
   Improvement OX-4786 FIXED Improve styling of menu breadcrumb (when collapsed) to make it more visible to the users Major Closed
   Improvement OX-4913 FIXED Improve the output of rows migrated & pruned in the bucket to intermediate table migration code Major Closed
   Improvement OX-5000 FIXED Improve timing information in ME debug-level output Major Closed
   Bug OX-4423 FIXED Installer refers to upgrade tasks Major Closed
   Sub-task OX-4805 FIXED OX-4794
Issue Item #11
Major Closed
   Bug OX-4977 FIXED MPE is not always triggered if "Update advertisement priorities immediately when changes made in the UI" Major Closed
   Improvement OX-4915 FIXED Modify when the MSE is marked as "completed" to reduce data duplication errors Major Closed
   Bug OX-4976 FIXED Newly created banners for remnant campaigns are not delivered until cache expiration. Major Closed
   Bug OX-4998 FIXED Not all remnant campaigns are converted to eCPM and no type is selected on Campaign edit screen after 'eCPM prioritization' is enabled Major Closed
   Bug OX-4917 FIXED Not encoded url breaks Canoo Webtest tests Major Closed
   Bug OX-4996 FIXED Only one campaign is reported as deactivated during activation of eCPM Major Closed
   Bug OX-4850 FIXED Plugin notification message does not show when plugin is installed and enabled via installer Major Closed
   Bug OX-4912 FIXED Plugins_DeliveryLog::pruneBucket() does not allow optional start date to be passed to the Processing Strategy implementation Major Closed
   Bug OX-4774 FIXED Problem with plugins installation after upgrade from 2.7.25 to 2.7.29-beta-rc2 Major Closed
   Bug OX-4935 FIXED Several checkboxes are not visible under IE7 Major Closed
   Bug OX-4999 FIXED Upgrade error from 2.7.3 Major Closed
   Bug OX-4995 FIXED Wrong message displayed on Zone Probability screen is banner from eCPM campaign is linked to zone Major Closed
   Bug OX-4671 FIXED _viewersHostOkayToLog() blocks more IP's than it should Major Closed
   Bug OX-4910 FIXED javascript error occurs when displaying profile info Major Closed
   Bug OX-5042 FIXED releases don't have var/plugins/recover folder Major Closed
   Bug OX-4997 INVALID Renmant Camapigns with status 'Awaiting' don't appear under inactive list during eCPM activating Major Closed
   Bug OX-3404 INVALID Some languages not displayed correctly in the language chooser drop down Major Closed
   Bug OX-5041 CANNOT REPRODUCE Plugins are disable after upgrade the core Major Closed
   Bug OX-4899 FIXED Clickable help is misplaced Minor Closed
Component OXP: Core 5
Component OXP: Data Abstraction Layer 2
Component OXP: Database Abstraction: MySQL 3
Component OXP: Database Abstraction: PostgreSQL 2
Component OXP: Delivery Engine 2
Component OXP: Installation & Upgrade System 7
Component OXP: Maintenance Engine 8
Component OXP: Maintenance Engine (Distributed Statistics) 2
Component OXP: Plugins 5
Component OXP: Releases 1
Component OXP: User Interface 21
  No Component 5

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