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All Projects : OpenX Ad Server : OpenX 2.8.5 (Fix For Version)

Release Date: 01/Mar/10
OpenX 2.8.5 2010-03-01T00-00

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 30 of 31 issues have been resolved


(with all issues in each component for this version)
   Bug OX-5914 FIXED Campaign delivery should stop at the end date Blocker Closed
   Bug OX-5931 FIXED Market stats are not correct after upgrading to 2.8.5 Blocker Closed
   Bug OX-5828 UNRESOLVED Error in site:channel delivery limitation logic for 'is not any of' Critical Reopened
   Bug OX-5893 FIXED Banner stats not displayed when expanding campaign stats Critical Closed
   Improvement OX-5917 FIXED When no campaign start date is provided during creation, set to "today" Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5883 FIXED [Patch included] - Uploading the same creative deletes the creative (including the just uploaded file) when the creative is only used by one banner Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5495 CANNOT REPRODUCE Some requests for some banner types are lost Critical Closed
   Bug OX-5922 FIXED API does not support Market Plugin Major Resolved
   Bug OX-5927 FIXED Some delivery functions return (and cache) 'false' on error Major Resolved
   Improvement OX-5921 FIXED Add debugging/trace support to the delivery engine Major Closed
   Improvement OX-5640 FIXED Add windows vista and 7 on the delivery limitation OS list Major Closed
   Bug OX-5843 FIXED Altering HTML for click-tracking for TradeDoubler ads fails (3rdPartyServers plugin) Major Closed
   Bug OX-5905 FIXED Campaign Delivery Report displays stats only for currently active campaigns Major Closed
   Bug OX-5928 FIXED Campaign delivery report shows wrong number of impressions for "OpenX Market ads served to zones by default" Major Closed
   Bug OX-5919 FIXED Delivery fails to check for the FRONT-END-HTTPS flag when delivering ads over https Major Closed
   Bug OX-5907 FIXED Fatal error (Cannot redeclare pear) in axmlrpc when using APC for some requests Major Closed
   Bug OX-5901 FIXED Popup alerts when a new version is available don't work in OpenX 2.8.x Major Closed
   Improvement OX-5779 FIXED Possible speedup of delivery limitations plugin Major Closed
   Bug OX-5025 FIXED The HTML 3rd party click tracking for: Eyeblaster does not work Major Closed
   Bug OX-5911 FIXED Update logos in Market images Major Closed
   Bug OX-5924 FIXED acls_updated field is not being changed when changing targeting rules Major Closed
   Bug OX-5915 FIXED phpAds_dbQuery still used on report UI fields Major Closed
   Bug OX-5904 FIXED search-popup shows empty window Major Closed
   Bug OX-5879 INVALID Market advertiser icon does not change when editing it Major Closed
   Sub-task OX-3315 WON'T FIX OX-3302
Implement new DAL methods for linking Baners -> Zones
Major Closed
   Sub-task OX-5769 WON'T FIX OX-5222
Plugin Settings aren't removed from the configuration file when plugin is uninstalled
Major Closed
   Bug OX-2761 CANNOT REPRODUCE DataObjects_Ad_zone_assoc::insert() does not enforce that banner and zone must be in the same realm. Major Closed
   Bug OX-5456 FIXED Campaign type is called "Remnant" in Campaign Properties screen, but called "eCPM" on Campaign List screen Minor Closed
   Bug OX-5783 FIXED Default banner image is not used from Configuration / config file Minor Closed
   Bug OX-5896 FIXED Market zone optin and campaign optin special campagins are missing the tooltip in the stats screen Minor Closed
   Bug OX-5501 CANNOT REPRODUCE $graphFilterArray is undefined in /lib/OA/Admin/Statistics/Common.php Minor Closed
Component OXP: Core 4
Component OXP: Data Abstraction Layer 1
Component OXP: Database Abstraction: MySQL 1
Component OXP: Delivery Engine 10
Component OXP: Installation & Upgrade System 1
Component OXP: Plugins 2
Component OXP: User Interface 12
  No Component 5

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