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Lead: Chris Nutting

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Open Issues

19 unresolved issue(s).


(with open issues due to be fixed per version for this component)
   Bug OX-5939 UNRESOLVED SQL Injection on 2.8.4 Blocker Needs Verification
   Bug OX-6055 UNRESOLVED TimeZone mismatch for Russian Federation Critical Needs Verification
   Improvement OX-5018 UNRESOLVED Allow zones to specify a range of sizes Major Needs Verification
   Improvement OX-6002 UNRESOLVED Don't delete statistics when deleting zones/advertisers/campaigns/banners.. Major Needs Verification
   Improvement OX-2649 UNRESOLVED Improve handing of editing of database details Major Needs Verification
   Bug OX-5353 UNRESOLVED [ warning] MAX_Dal_Inventory_Trackers->generateAppendCode: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() Major Needs Verification
   Bug OX-5264 UNRESOLVED Application Name option does not work in Zone's invocation tag. Major Verified
   Bug OX-5641 UNRESOLVED Campaign Weight Is Being Set To Zero When Switching From Contract To Exclusive. Major Verified
   Bug OX-5553 UNRESOLVED Flash banners are not clickable in IE6,7 when delivering via Single Page Call Major Verified
   Bug OX-5563 UNRESOLVED Setting 'Option - SSL' for Website Invocation Code (SPC) does not work. Major Verified
   Bug OX-5539 UNRESOLVED User Interface Preferences for banners preview and showing extra info have no effect Major Verified
   Bug OX-4776 UNRESOLVED When All banner types are disabled - a new banner can still be created Major Verified
   Bug OX-2376 UNRESOLVED owner settings in hostname.conf.php Major Verified
   Bug OX-5572 UNRESOLVED Banner Alt Text is being escaped after saving the banner. Minor Verified
   Bug OX-5761 UNRESOLVED OpenX 2.8 does not automatically check 'Do you wish to keep your existing image...' option when replacing flash files. Minor Verified
   Bug OX-3308 UNRESOLVED When you use an apostrophe as the applications name every time you save the changes it gets escaped Minor Verified
   Bug OX-2799 UNRESOLVED settings-delivery.php incorrectly tests the FTP upload feature Minor Verified
   Improvement OX-5048 UNRESOLVED Include method names in debug log should be enabled all the time, and removed from UI Trivial Needs Verification
   Bug OX-2819 UNRESOLVED Unnecessary config section for dashboard Trivial Verified
Unreleased Milestone 33 2
  Unscheduled 17

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Component Summary

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Closed Closed 34
Needs Verification Needs Verification 7
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Open Issues

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Critical Critical 1
Major Major 11
Minor Minor 4
Trivial Trivial 2

By Assignee
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Michael Todd 2
Unassigned-Adserver 16