OpenX Developer Resources

Think you've found a bug? Please visit our page on how to report bugs on the main OpenX website.

OpenX API Tutorial

This document is designed to help developers to get started and use the OpenX web services API.

Product Roadmap

Look here for information about how our product roadmap is managed, and how you can find out about what features are scheduled to be developed, and when! We are keen on community involvement to help us with the roadmap - so please leave your comments and opinions!

Development Processes, Standards, and Tools

This section covers the development process used at OpenX, as well as the various tools that are used in the process.  If you are getting started, and would like to know about how we build our products, start here.

Core Architecture

Overall architecture diagrams, workflows, and architecture details about the core components of OpenX.


All information regarding translating OpenX into different languages.

External OpenX Plugins 

Plugins can be created using the OpenX plugin architecture to provide many customizations. Here is a list of Plugins to embed OpenX functionnality into external applications.

Open Source

OpenX is committed to the open source software community beyond just advertising. This is a list of some of the open source platforms OpenX contributes to and uses.