The draft documentation wiki is where our documentation team prepare user, administrator and integration documentation before publishing completed documents on the OpenX website.  We're always looking for more contributors, so please feel free to contact us if you'd like to help us write documentation.

Stable product documentation

Beta product documentation

Unstable product documentation

  • Priority and trafficking examples tutorial
  • 2.6 Glossary
  • Integrating with Flash tutorial
  • Advanced XML-RPC and Local Mode tutorials
  • Ad Jargon Translator
  • How to Organise Your Inventory tutorial
  • Conversion Tracking tutorial

Documentation Notes

A collection of notes from our development and support teams which may be included in documentation at a later date. See all documentation notes.


Documentation Roadmap

This is the list of documents scheduled to be completed next (in order)

  • 2.8 plugin architecture documentation
  • forecasting documentation
  • eCPM for remnant documentation
  • eCPM for contract documentation
  • Stats and Reports tutorial




Here are some of the terms we use to describe documentation:

User documentation - Information to help people get the most from using OpenX to traffic advertising on a daily basis.

Administrator documentation - Information for people setting up or administering an OpenX ad server.

Integration documentation - Information for people using the stable public APIs to get the most out of OpenX (at the moment these will be custom applications which talk with OpenX, but in future this will include plugin APIs etc).

Guides - Description of all the commonly used features in the product for a user/administrator. Advanced features are not covered in the user guide but rather in stand alone white papers.

Tutorials / How tos - Short documents describing common usage cases. These may simply describe a particular feature, or otherwise walk you through the process of performing a task.

White papers - Detailed standalone documentation on less commonly used features.

Notes - Notes, tips and tricks recorded by the support and development teams that aren't included as a part of other documentation.


  1. Aug 25, 2008

    Nguyen Ngoc Anh says:

    Hi all:) My name is Ngoc Anh. I am VietNamese. I am glad to know about OpenX. i ...

    Hi all

    My name is Ngoc Anh. I am VietNamese. I am glad to know about OpenX. i used OpenX from version 2.4.4. Recently, i have just upgraded version 2.6.0. Now, It still run well.  However, i see new version have some missing . For Example: Graph part is hide and Link of Graph only visiable if i choose Date is Week. I want to join with you. I hope you will explain some my questions Thanks

    1. Aug 26, 2008

      Oliver George says:

      Hi Nguyen Nice to meet you.  Thanks for getting in touch.  The best pl...

      Hi Nguyen

      Nice to meet you.  Thanks for getting in touch.  The best place to ask questions and contribute is the OpenX forum.  Please feel free to post your questions there: http://forum.openx.org

      cheers, Oliver